Unionaire: Amongst The Top 10 Global Manufacturers

Location: Egypt
Industry: Manufacturing 
Partner name: IT Systems Cooperation
Apps implemented: Accounting, Purchase, Sales, Payroll, Employees, Manufacturing, Inventory, Quality, and Maintenance.
Number of Employees: 5,000 -10,000

About Unionaire
Unionaire was founded in 1995 with a clear vision from day one: “To invest in the best equipment and best calibers to reach achievements that would position Egypt in the top ranks of manufacturers and exporters of high-quality air-conditioning equipment with the best after-sales services.” We have built Unionaire on the revolutionary philosophies of excellence in the workplace, customer service and always having the “value for money” prices.

Today Unionaire is ranked amongst the foremost respectable and successful private sector groups in Egypt and in more than 70 countries were our successful growing exports exist in the international market. Our Factories are adopting the highest-quality technology for production and quality control. That is why we are classified among the top 10 manufacturers worldwide in the field of home and kitchen appliances.

Unionaire is the mother company of several diversified companies in the field of home appliances manufacturing and distribution. Today, Unionaire Group’s companies proved its solid status through insightful planning, a solid marketing, and a financial status locally and internationally.

Business Impact
With the vast number of employees at Unionaire, having a single platform to coordinate and organize workflow, is essential. For Unionaire, it was a must to have a software that would be able to cover their basis in accounting, in order to meticulously calculate the cost, in manufacturing, in order to create products of the highest quality, and in customer service, in order to never fail their customers, no matter the case.

At Odoo, we value that our partners are able to connect us with so many of our valued customers. IT Systems Cooperation, a gold partner at Odoo, had bridged the gap for Unionaire through our software. With their great understanding of the customers’ needs and wants, they were able to implement a system that filled all of the company’s requirements flawlessly.
Amongst Unionaire’s thousands of employees, they were impressed with Odoo due to its “flexibility, ease of access, and perfect interface”, as well as, its “suitable cost” for management.

Today, Unionaire is able to have a fully integrated system that grounds together all of their activities, from the second they confirm a sales order, manufacturing the product and delivering it, to their wonderful after-sale customer care.

From Unionaire
“Our experience with IT Systems Cooperation was and still is a rich, useful, and wholesome experience with great achievements. IT Systems Cooperation treats us as their business partners rather than their customers, we deal with them from the same standpoint to develop the business system of our company.

Through our experience, purchasing Odoo to manage the business cycle of the company through IT Systems Cooperation is not the end but it is the beginning to harvest the application of systems and the development of work within all sectors of our company. Our experience with IT Systems Cooperation has proven this goal and we are happy with the results of our joint efforts and the result we have reached, and continue our partnership to achieve further development and progress.”

- Yasir Ali Aref, Project Manger

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